Frequently Asked Questions

- I am a beginner writer. Why do I need coaching?

Coaching will help you to orient in the world of writing. It is enormous, like an ocean, with its own pitfalls, barriers, sharks and other things that you might not be aware of. 


As a coach, I will help you to identify your audience, pick the most suiting genre, give recommendations on how to improve your works, tell everything about the backstage of writer's life, give tips how to react to critics and not give up, how to develop your skills and highlight your strong sides. We will talk about going public, how to meet the readers, and how to present your books. I will explain the importance of self-marketing and building your writer's image. During the coaching sessions, we will cover up many other important questions which will help you on your journey of becoming a successful writer. 


Of course, you can learn all these things by yourself, make a lot of mistakes and get some unpleasant experiences. But with my help, it will be a lot easier and quicker, because I did it all hard way until I learned how to do it right, and now I am ready to share my knowledge with you. 



- What do you do as my coach?

I guide and support you on your path of becoming a professional writer. I am your coach, your tutor, your mentor and instructor. I combine all these roles in one. 


As a professional writer myself with almost 10 years of experience, I know everything about writing, working with the publisher, time-management, communicating with readers and much more. 


I will share and use my experience with you to find the best ways to reach your desired goal in the near future. 



- How is your coaching program different from others?

I have many one-time sessions that don't oblige you to pay extra for a long-term collaboration like "monthly subscription" and similar, which is common for other coaches. You have the freedom to decide yourself if you need more sessions with me or not. 


For the same reason, I try to make our meetings maximum informative. So that you can continue on your journey alone, without me as your crutch. However, if you need a follow-up workshop, I would gladly continue our work together and see the results.


Another thing that makes me different is that I am not only a coach but also a professional writer myself. This allows me to speak freely about all the tiniest details in our sphere.


As a psychologist, I can help to analyse your audience and their needs, fight writer's block, work with time-management, procrastination and personal growth.


And finally, I have a vast knowledge of social media platforms, marketing, building websites and other useful tools, which makes the range of the services I provide quite full. 


- Will my information, personal details and ideas be safe?

Yes, absolutely. I have a very strict confidential policy, and everything you share with me (ideas, thoughts, files, texts, images, your personal data, etc.) will not be shared with anyone else but will remain only between us. 


Please read more about my Privacy Policy here.



- How do I pay? / Can I pay with a card?

All payments are done via "Stripe". Millions of businesses from all over the world use it. More information about it you can find here.



- Is there any other way I can pay for your services, except "Stripe"?

Yes. You can also pay through PayPal or I can send you an official invoice from my company. Please let me know about your preferences by sending an email to and specifying what service you are interested in.


If you are in Sweden, I also accept cash and transfers through Swish. 

- I'm a writer. I don't know what service to pick. What should I do?

First of all, you can always pick the "Introduction Call" service, where we will speak via Skype for 30 minutes. It could happen that I will answer all your questions just during this short time. 


The second service for writers that I offer is "Coaching For (Beginner) Writers". This is already a 1,5-hour call, during which we will cover a lot more questions.


The third option is choosing a "Full-Scale Career Coaching for Writers". This is a complex 2,5-hour call, during which we will discuss possible strategies for your future.


And finally, you can always pick a "Long-Term Coaching", which includes 4 sessions

(1,5 hr + 1 hr + 1 hr+ 1 hr), and is cheaper than buying separate sessions.


Full list of all my coaching programs can be found here.



Otherwise, if you still have questions, please send me an email or a question through the Online Chat and I will help you to pick the best option.



- Are you a psychologist? Can you coach or consult me in private life too?

I do have a university education in psychology, but I do not consult in private (personal) matters. I coach only in questions concerning the professional life of a writer: work, public meetings, time-management, career planning, aiming for success, fighting a writer's block, working with social media, etc.



- Do you also write? Or do you only work with coaching?

Yes, I still work as a writer, which is my primary field. I coach because I want to share my experience with beginner writers, who are feeling lost and don't know where to start. 


I had a long journey to where I am now, which could have been a lot shorter if I also had a coach.  


Otherwise, I have many ongoing writer's projects. At the moment, I have planned six more books to write on various subjects in history.



- How can I book time for coaching? / What happens after I pay?

Please contact me first, so we could pick the best program for you and schedule the time for our Skype meeting. After that, I will send you an invoice through the most convenient system (usually through "Stripe", but I can also do it through PayPal and similar if needed).


When I receive the payment, I will send you the confirmation of our session. If it doesn't suit you, you can always ask to reschedule the time by sending the message in the same email (which you will get with the scheduling) to me. 


Or, if you are not sure, you can always send me an email and book a date first, and then pay (within 24 hours after we agreed on the date, otherwise the booking will be cancelled). 



- Can I cancel the service I paid for?

All cases are different. Some you can cancel (like coaching, 24 hours before the meeting), some you can not (like building a website and similar). If I have already started working on your project, you already can't cancel it because I have spent my time on it. 

I provide details about Cancellation Policy for every service in particular. Please read it carefully before making a payment.



- Can I reschedule our Skype meeting?

Yes, by sending me an email to or by leaving a message in the Online Chat. But please keep in mind, that rescheduling and/or cancelling the meeting can be accepted only 24 hours before the start. 





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