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My name is Arina Polyakova Franzén. I am a professional writer-historian since 2010. I have a degree of Ph.D. in History since 2015 and studying psychology as my second university education since 2017 (as an upgrade for my writer's skills).  


Writing is my profession, biggest passion, hobby and my life. I have done many other jobs but never stopped being a writer, and now I can afford only being a writer 100% of my time, which was my dream from the very beginning. How? This is something I am going to teach you...


It's not a secret that writers, especially beginners, don't get paid for their work. It takes time and lots of experience until you can start earning anything on it. Many of us usually have something on the side. Stephen King was a janitor in high-school, Neil Gaiman worked as a journalist, Nicholas Sparks was selling products via hot-calls, Agatha Christie worked as an assistant in an apothecary, Joanne Rowling was a secretary and so on. It took me nearly nine years until I became capable of being financially independent only with writing. It was a very long way with many bumps and difficulties, and, of course, I made many mistakes until I learned how to do it right.


When I just started, I was only 20 years old, with no idea what I am going to do with my career. I didn't know what genre I will work with, what is my audience, how to promote myself, how to be published, how to react to critics and how to move on. I was doing what was necessary, and it was a painful way. I didn't have anyone who could teach me the basics or tell me about the backstage of a writer's life and career.  I have learned everything by myself, and how I wish that someone could've coached me in the beginning - it would've saved so much blood, tears and time. 


Now I am a successful writer with six published books and many articles on various topics, a leading expert in Russia and Europe on the subject of the British monarchy, a common expert-commentator on the television and the radio, being invited on an interview at least once a month. My books are quoted in Wikipedia as one of the leading sources on particular historical themes. Many magazines interviewed me as a successful writer. And, most important, I have a steady publishing house, which is ready to print all my upcoming books. This sounds like a dream any writer would want to have. If anyone would tell me several years ago that I would achieve all this by myself, I'd be deeply surprised.


I have been coaching writers for two years now via social media and one-on-one meetings, but now I make it official since the demand has only grown. I am firmly standing on my feet as a writer, and ready to share my experience with others, because I want you to avoid my mistakes, to make your way to success shorter and reach the stars. 


To learn more about me and my works, please visit my official website: www.polyakova-arina.com

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University | History
    Specialist (2005-2010)

  • Moscow Institute of Internation Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs | International Relations | Modern History 
    Ph.D. in History (2010-2015)

  • Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis | Psychology
    Bachelor (2017-ongoing)

  • A leading specialist on the subject of the British monarchy in Modern times

  • A member of Russian Union of Writers (since 2014)

  • Received a grant from the Swedish Union of Writers (in 2016)



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